Small business liability insurance in Florida

  • April 15, 2019

Each and every year, hundreds of thousands of people in Florida decide that they would love nothing more than to open up their very own business and many of them do exactly that! However, most are unaware of their need for small business liability insurance in Florida.

Unlike a lot of other states throughout the US, Florida makes the process of setting up a brand-new business about as simple and as straightforward as it could possibly be. You don’t have to jump through the same kind of hoops or deal with the red tape in Florida that you would have to deal with in another state and that gives you a lot of extra flexibility to build the kind of business that you have been dreaming about without having to waste a lot of time (and a lot of money) that you might have had to waste in other parts of the country.

A lot of entrepreneurs in Florida are wondering whether or not they have to invest in business insurance from someone according to Many wonder whether or not business insurance in Florida is state-mandated or required or if they can get away with running a business without carrying the extra cost of insurance that may or may not be necessary.

In most cases you DO NOT need to carry small business liability insurance in Florida

For the overwhelming majority of situations, employers ARE NOT legally required or mandated to purchase insurance for every single aspect of running a business. This is a big departure from a lot of other states throughout the US and is one of the main reasons that so many businesses decide to set up shop in Florida (along with the fact that there is no state income tax that needs to be paid, either).

Some situations require you to have is this insurance in Florida

In other instances, however, you absolutely WILL have to carry insurance as mandated by the state.

Any business that has four or more employees (including yourself) is going to be required to provide workers compensation insurance protection. If you have a new business in the construction industry, however, you’re going to have to carry that same level of coverage even if you only have a single employee – and that means if you’re the only employee you’ll need this protection, too. If you’re going to be using businesses for commercial use you’ll need to carry specific small business liability insurance for these vehicles according to Any profession that may be susceptible to being sued will want to take advantage of general liability insurance and professional liability insurance, though this isn’t legally mandated by the state.