MAREX Experiments:

Images digitized off the camera -

MAREX-NA currently has a back log of schools waiting for Mir schedules.  We are
not currently looking for  any more schools in the USA at this time.
Note: During school schedules days, the SSTV system will usually be active.
This allows the Mir crew to see the children they are talking with.

Current Mir Crew Members 1999:


SOYUZ TM-29 arrived at Mir. TM-29 crew consisted of  French  cosmonaut 
Jean-Pierre  Heignere,  Viktor  Afanasyev  and  Slovakian
Cosmonaut Ivan Bella


Some of the crew returned to earth, they were:
Slovak Ivan Bella and Gennadiy Paldalko.
Gennadiys  mission  lasted  approximately 6 months (August 16 1998 ?
February 28 1999)

The remaining crew consists of:

The French cosmonaut Jean-Pierre Heignere (aprox 6 months)
Cosmonaut Viktor Afanasyev (aprox 6 months)
Cosmonaut  Sergei  Avdeyev R0MIR. Sergei mission began August 16, and 
is expected to last a total of 12 months.

Tracking Mir

The best way to track satellites is to get access to a good satellite tracking
There are numerous programs on the market, both for sale and share ware.

The best place for current satellite position date (Kep?) data is at the
CelesTrak web page http://celestrak.com/

[ Tnx for this info to Miles Mann WF1F ]

Images received from the MAREX-NA SSTV system on the Russian Space Station Mir
are considered public domain and may be freely distributed, without prior