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This week: 

145.800 Mhz 24 June return to the old frequency from .985 ! 

437.950 Mhz The repeater SAFEX II seems turned on! 

___________________________ MIR News __________________________ 

Yesterday June 25, 1997 Progress M-34 cargo vehicle collided with 
the Spektr module of Mir space station earlier today but the crew 
survived. The collision occured before 09:18 UTC during Progress' 
flyaround in remote control mode before scheduled re-docking. 

The cargo spacecraft sheared a half of Spektr solar panel 
and made damage to the module itself. 

Progress M-34 cargo vehicle collided with one of the Spektr module's 
solar panels and cut a hole of some 30x40 centimeters in it !!!!! 

-> Launch of Progress M-35 scheduled on Friday would be rescheduled by 
no more than 10 days. This cargo craft would deliver electric cables 
(to be built in hurry) and the crew would do EVA and connect Spektr 
solar panels with the electric system of the station. 

Progress M-34 is airtight and controllable and by 13:20 UTC today it 
was some 2.5 kilometers from Mir. Tomorrow it would be deorbited. 

______ MIR Radios __________________________________________________ 

VHF-1 Radio (143.625) desenbilized the ham-radio at 145.800 Mhz !!! 

1. TM-733 50 Watt and PACCOM Tnc 

2. IC-4020 For SAFEX-II UHF Bands 

>>>> In this moment NASA HQ say to evacuate immediatly MIR COMPLEX space 
station... while Russian RKA say no! 

_________ MIR Frequency QRG ________________________________________ 

HAM-RADIO MIR Frequency 

145,800 MHz FM MIR Downlink [1k2 Packet & Voice] 
145,200 MHz FM MIR Uplink [1k2 Packet & Voice] 

437,925 MHz FM MIR Downlink [Voice] 
437,950 MHz FM MIR Downlink [Voice] 
437,975 MHz FM MIR Downlink [9k6 Packet] 

SERVICE MIR Frequency (not ham-radio) 

121,625 MHz MIR MIR/Soyuz TM 
121,750 MHz FM Soyuz TM 
130,165 MHz FM MIR MIR > Shuttle [Voice] 
130,165 MHz FM MIR / Soyuz TM 
139,200 MHz FM Shuttle Shuttle > MIR [Voice] 
139,205 MHz FM MIR 
142,000 - 143,825 MHz MIR [Voice] 
142,600 MHz FM MIR [Voice] 
143,625 MHz FM MIR MIR > Control [Voice] 
143,625 MHZ FM MIR MIR > CUP [Packet] 
166,000 MHz FM Progress M + Soyuz TM [Telemetrie] 
417,000 MHz FM MIR [Telemetrie] 
463,000 MHz FM Progress M + Soyuz TM [Telemetrie] 
922,750 MHz FM Progress M + Soyuz TM [Telemetrie] 
926,050 MHz FM Progress M + Soyuz TM [Telemetrie] 
926,100 MHz FM Soyuz TM 

_________ USE R0MIR-1: ____________________________________________ 

In the interest of all, its use in the packet mode on the VHF 
band should respect these simple rules: 

1 - Do not use the station as a simple "digipeater": address 
the traffic "VIA" R0MIR. 

2 - Reserve the PMS "R0MIR-1" for messages destined for the 
crew only! 

QSOs not respecting these rules will not qualify for obtaining a QSL. 
Sign on your QSL the registration number of your msg save in the PMS! 

For Europe send your QSL + SASE + IRC Coupon at: F5KAM in France 

For WW send your QSL + SASE + IRC Coupon at: N6CO in U.S.A. 

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